Welcome to my blog!

My name is Mel. I’m a female, a curly-cute one 🙂 living in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I loved blogging but have stopped dong it since…some time. But now that it’s not easy to post thing on facebook (office rules and ethic-rules – we can talk about it later), I now have the excitement to post things, especially photos, to this pinkish blog of mine. Just for info, I do it by email which makes it supereasy!!

So many messiness will you find in the blog. I will try to fix it from time to time. Anyway, who does not like essi, hey? 😀

Though the blog does not necessarily directed to public interest, haha it’s way too personal I guess, I hope you can find the spirit of love in here 🙂


God bless us ❤



  1. Melinski..
    Dirimyu punya blog baru tapi ga bilang2..ini aja gw taunya gara2 nge-search di google ttg jadwal Thomas-Uber. Dapetnya blog lo n pas baca, kayanya gw kenal, (Ita, Ebi, Marlene, dan insiden Peter Gade itu?!? Gw n Ami kan juga ikutan nonton)

    pengen nonton semifinal-nya nih..nonton bareng yukk!!

  2. heheheee.iya miiir..wong baru bikin juga, en mood-moodan, jadi belum worldwide kabar2i dulu.. huhuuu..akuw liat blogmuuw…kereen… Hmmm..semifinal yah.. gw gatau bisa pa ga… tapi mau banget!! kalo final kayanya pasti deh bu… gw yakin indonesia masup pinal soalnyeeeee 😀

  3. salam kenal mw nanya ni, tw tempat penginapan murah di dkt komdak gak? aq ni ada undangan temen aq nikah di Gd.tifa kemala polda metro jaya. bingung ni….mohon infonya ,,makasih

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