My Foreign-PowerBible has arrived!!

It is surprisingly fun to received a call from ups saying that they are delivering a 12kg package for me. for I am definitely sure that its the Power Bible in English!!

As far as I remember the order was made on the 7th..estimated arrival is on the 2nd of June.

But on the 8th, amazon informed that they have shipped the product and the e.t.a is on the 13th!! (shocked #1).

then tonight I am holding the books! the comics intended to be investment/legacy for children to come πŸ˜‰ ohhhh so very happy!!!

I took the pics of the package-opening process…hahaa..I’m gonna post the pics later.

the books are lighter than the Indonesian one, and the paper material is of good quality, as in shiny and smooothhh πŸ™‚

but sadly I didn’t find the good conclusion in the end of the 10th edition hmmmm..where did they goooo???

should ask to green egg media later πŸ˜€

ahhh am so thankful.

and did I mention that we have moved to the 3rd floor? I’m posting the pics in the next post.



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