Day #1 and #2


+ 08.15 am flight to denpasar after a long packing time (54days-ready :o). Nice beef pasta @garuda by the way 😀
+ shuttle pick up to Santika Siligita Hotel in Nusa Dua. Long wait for the room. Eat indomie rebus in front of the hotel.
+ room is ready, mate is patty. Unpack.
± since I am assigned to communicate with Russian Embassy about the journalists lists, I tried to sort all the journalists-registering-after-sept-15th and all the not-on-database (note: this activity made me feel "i know about it" in APEC busyness, since no exact jobdesk have I done even until we arrive in Bali).

+ eat good (beware of the soup) ayam betutu in Ibu Oki foodplace; still in front of santika.
+ at the briefing with MLO Coord, I got Philippines for me to attach while in the summit. Russia is held by Mirza. Slept at 2.30am for the Russian data.

+ following the delegates’ group for site view. That is to Bali Nusa Dua Conference C (BNDCC – I forget the second C), Bali Safari Marine Park (wow, a good time), Sofitel.
+ nice lunch
+ help desk meeting
+ media center experience
+ meet with Philippines DeleGates (Luis, Malou, Claire,and several others) and sorting out several issues.
+ getting the media badges @Santika (40 of themmmmm #)
+ nice dinner and a great reunion with Galuuuuhhhh! She works @bloomberg
+ briefing with Pak Dirjen. He mentioned ALL the names in the team. I like how he show that everyone is important in their own jobs
+ sleeeeeep. Thanks patty for the media badges 🙂

Thanks dear Father for the safe and secure experience. Felt nervous, tired, alone, but when I remember Your words, I feel all secured 🙂

****welcoming day#3


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