More about The Dinner Day #2, then about The e-Mart, and The Subway

So we had this very nice dinner in the restaurant building, @dani’s area. The waiter was a bit unpleasant though.

They serve the raw food on a hot plate and turn on the stove on our table, and they kept on coming to stir the dish and add the noodle in it. While we wait, I took free pasta and kimchi and that pumpkin-kinda-veg. I took it several times since we always finish them :p Interesting part is that if we still have enough sauce after we finish the meal, we can buy some rice to be mixed in the pan. So that’s what we had, nasi goreng the “leftovers”. If I’m not mistake, the meal was 9 dollars,nice price hey. Even the water is served chilled. (Oh, this happens everywhere even in the yogurt store :0)

Then I bought cookie bubble tea in this waffle store. And we go back to Dani’s place (after Man found that 2 attractive Korean guy Haaaha) then to e-Mart (e stands for everything Man said), where I can’t decide either or not to buy SDHC 16gb memory card (SanDisk). For your info, in the e-mart the usb costs like for W24.400Β  whereas in Bhinneka Indonesia it will only cost like Rp. 110.000,- Hikkkksssss 😦 I hate it that I didn’t bring my flashdisk :O (the real problem was: I haven’t remoed all the camera files to other media back home!!!!! Rrrgggghhhhh)

I didn’t buy it. Next thing was going back to Dani’s place again onthe 5th floor, getting Amanda’s recharged iPhone. Said goodbye to Dani,and back to Pyeongchon (?) Station, to subway-ing to Man’s place.

Here you can see my pic stalking at this couple in the Subway. A small capture just to give a little glimpse of Korean “romace-culture” I’ve seen these couple days. It’s like I’m being in Australia :O they express their romantic feeling literally everywhere these young people. Shocking.

Well anyways, we got off,and walk home,but in the middle of the way home we got ice cream and milk πŸ™‚ I spent W3900 for them. Hahaaaa.

Oh,W 4700 for todays subway transport πŸ™‚ Tonight my card’s credit is W5300.

Off we sleep! Zzzzzz.


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