Dear Mr.Minister of Culture&Tourism..

Under this ‘what’s in my bag?’ heading, i’d like to tell you that i was busy watching my friend’s video on twitvid. It’s a 2’50” video telling why she and her friend wanna see Jordan and meet Queen Rania in person. A competition video which I myself helped out in the editing (haha, so I promoted it on my twitter and facebook account).

But in the blog, I’d like to express another thing.

Whatta wonderful creative idea of Queen Rania and her people in sharing to the world excitements about their country!!

I wish Indonesia could have done it first, and since we hadn’t, I hope that the Ministry of Tourism could grab this idea and pack it more creatively. Oh whatta great promotion it would be!!

I am very very sure that many-er people would go crazy for the competition, especially if we put a Bali-and-Lombok-tour as part of the present.

Dear Mr. Minister of Culture&Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, I wanna propose to you a greater and bigger idea than Queen Rania’s! Would you like to hear about it?


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