lovely date with lovely carpenter

i put that as my facebook status a few hours ago. I got several thumbs and two or three comments. asking who that carpenter was.

i smiled reading and thinking what they have in mind.

well.. i did chat (which i consider as  date — haha amanda knows this) with a carpenter. ex-carpenter to be exact. his name is Jesus. seriously it was a good one.

after taking my first driving lesson today (aaah.. many insights and fresh thoughts caused of this!), i went to a big shopping centre and boght my n95 a quite reasonable-price micro sd card. then, i bough my books a nice shelf. went  home by taxi, and started to ‘build’ the shelf helped by hammer, and many other cool stuffs i can’t explain in english.

aaargggh.. many errors. i realized that i misplaced the shelf element after i finished all the process according to the manuals. so i have to start doing it all over again. God helped me to understand how patient and detailed a carpenter (which once he was one) should be. anything would be done to make the job completed according to the plan.

had some reflections on that conversation. im back to value what it means to ‘processing’. well its kidna mixed with the driving experience. (HAAHAAA.. MELINDA’S DRIVING A CAR TODAY!!! IN A REAL ROAD!!! OH OH OH! I THINK IT”S JUST A DREAM. I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE ONLY  DREAM!!!)

it sure was a lovely afternoon. i’d love to give you the pics of what im telling, but later is better :p

so guys.. thanks for your suspiciousness. yes. i dated my lovely carpenter. he’s my bestest!

**to amanda: yeah, you should join one dayyy 😀


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