QUT for Int’l Student First-timers!

It’s too unbelievable.

Last year, the first day I stepped my feet onto Australia’s main land, this is the first office that I came into.

I remember the scene, exact scene. Me and Ke (from China) were picked up by Lynn (Griffith’s pick up agent) from the Brisbane Airport (I was from the Domestic one, and Ke was from the International one).

Right after that, we ‘put’ Ke into her uni. Apparently my uni was further than Ke’s. The name was QUT. It was more like blocks of shophouses (rumah toko – indonesian) as I gazed upon the building. I remember telling Lynn, how amazing I was because that was the first time for me riding a car overseas (lol).

I also never forgot the feeling I had. I didn’t try hard to remember the beautiful high blue sky, the clean look of everything, the Caucasians I literally see. It was a W.O.W experience, I tell you 🙂

And today I really came into the same office that we left Key (because she stayed at uni’s dorm). I am 1 day away from doing my Summer Project in that memorable campus! QUT Kelvin Grove.

I can’t believe if you tell me it’s only a coincidence. Nothing is coincidence. I am happy to realize that my first day in Australia was the day I was engaged with something I would be ministering.

I am so amazed till now.

May hearts be opened and strongholds be broken in in QUT. Please pray for QUT 🙂


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