My Summer Project: Beyond Brisbane

Summer Project - Student Life

Please pray for me as I am going to be involved in a project held by Student Life (a.k.a Campus Crusade for Christ) in the end of this month. This is an outreach project as well as a time where students walk their faith and grow more in God. I really need support in doing this, and I need to train myself to be confident as well.

Student Life considers me and other students in the project as volunteers – I personally consider this as a faith training project, and exciting way of showing God’s love! Anyway, students interested in the project applied, and if we are accepted then we go to the next round which is to fundraise. There are several projects going on hence the amount of money should be raise is different one to each other.

For me, I applied for Beyond Brisbane. This is an outreach to international uni students around Brisbane. I choose the project because I think that this is the most relevant one for me, as I am an international student myself. And I do have the heart for them. I even strongly believe that God brought me here to ‘train my hands’ to love Him more through my loving my intl friends.

It is for two-weeks training and accommodation for the project itself and for the volunteers needs. I may not know you, the one reading this blog posting at the moment. But thank you for reading about what I am doing. I would also like to invite you to partner with me to respond of Jesus’ Great Commission. We could be partner in prayers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask things that you might question about Student Life or Summer Project.

Melinda Barus

Contact Melinda about the Summer Project on:

or message me on facebook, my account name is: Melinda Barus

I really appreciate your attention and partnership. I will update any info related to the project on this blog of mine. Feel free to explore 🙂

God provides, and He rocks! 🙂




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