JG Advance Part 2

I imagined something like last year’s church conference. But when I got o the place (Underwood Community Center), I saw only several people there. We were early, so I was assuming maybe more  people would come like 30 or 40 people.

Around 10 am, the project organizer asked us to come inside. And it was only like 30-35 peple. the room was not like what i had in mind.

Yes. The quantity may not be like how a conference ‘should’ look like (at least in my head). But the quality of the conference was AWESOME. I got so many things, so many revelations, and truly was blessed to be part of the Ablazers!!

We talked about The Call, something that I heard a lot but never been really dig down about. We learned from Philippians 3:14, “.. But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the price of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Our leader from Ablaze shared about the importance in discovering the call in perseverance. How you could take part of God’s call are different one to another, although the purpose is the same; to spread the good news – the broken relationship between men and God that can be restored.

The calling can be described as ‘an identifiable spiritual purpose or objective for your life’ and the journey of discovering the call is:

1. Salvation (Romans 8:30)

2. Sanctification (2 Timothy 1:9)

3. Service (2 Corinthians 5:20)

So we need to know where we’re at. Have we been saved? Because if we haven’t then we won’t be in the ‘sanctification’ process, and then in the ‘service’ process.

Another IMPORTANT thing that I was truly convicted about is the revelation of PROCESS and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE in discovering the call. I really can see myself was being the subject of the seminar (lol, I know I wasn’t but God just truly opened my mind that what I was going through is normal and there’s solution for it).

So by process, it means that it’s okay and there’s hope even though you don’t get your calling in an obvious spiritual bold way! Because you know what; God is interested in being your partner, to help you discover it bit by bit, and at the most, to discover HIM more! So if you doubt that you are being called, it’s okay! Keep on walking! It’s where the calling will be tested.

Maybe many ‘second hand revelations’ you have gotten. By persevering and doing the process, God will filter them into a focused calling that is just PERSONAL and especially for you to do. Remember that he initiate, and our part is to respond.

To do this we also need to know our spiritual gifts. These gifts are the talents that God entrusted to us to do his call. Every believers has the gifts. We are to be responsible with them, and not to waste them.

Through the test, I found that my first spiritual gifts are a new combination, and I’m just curious about them!!

Fulfilling the call is a holy ambition, and can be done by forgetting the past, reaching forward, and pursuing God’s caling. The No-No attitude for this is laziness and lack of discipline (this is where I am at, honest)..

From one of the point, my leader pointed out a motto that truly inspired me a lot. I’ll write it here, so that hopefully it may inspire the ones who read it here, too:


I am very much thankful for the message in ALC! So powerful and digged my heart thoroughly!

So I’m praying now, God, please include me in your calling for this generation of mine..

In the next posting I uploaded several pictures I took on ALC. Great memories!


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