JG Advance part 1

I just saw my friend’s photo album on facebook. The title was “JG Advance”. I suddenly remember that I experienced the same event with her, only in my own group. AND instead of doing it independently, we joined ALC (Ablaze Leadership Conference) last weekend. And this is the story!

Firstly I’ll try to explain what JG Advance is. (I hope I get right though, it’s a new term that I really got involved into.) Joshua Generation Advance is a training for leader-gonnabe in my church, Hope Brisbane Christian Church. It’s a 6 months training (once each month) to equip sveral members that is hoped to become future shepherd or leader in the church

Now ‘shepherd’ is a term for spiritual mentor in my church. I have been a ‘sheep’ since the beginning of this year. So I have a shepherd and so does my shepherd. I think all of us in the church are either a shpherd or a sheep.

My lifegroup leader asked me to consider about being a shepherd. I was so surprised and hesitated to say yes. But I learned that it’s part of faith journey. If I am not ready to be shepherd, never will I feel that I’m ready. It is something that I have to train, and something that I gotta give to God to let him mold me.

(1st note of stepping in faith practically)

To make the long story short, we were in our second training of JG Advance last weekend. It’s the time to (instead of having a class teaching-learning activity), spend time with our leaders. Usually the activity would be hanging out to somewhere or just sleeping over someone’s place (gender seperation of course).

But my leader had an idea of doing something different. To be mixed with Ablaze’s conference. (Ablaze is a Hope service which is held every Friday; ours is the Sunday one). They’re apparently having Ablaze Leader Conference for 2 days. And that’s where we went.

Please see the second part to find out mnore about ALC!


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