Michael Jackson Passed Away

The at-least-one-album-owned-by-most people-of the-world Singer, MJJ

I haven’t really watched the news until the past two hours. Channel ten really exposed the facts of Michael Jackson’s death. I believe it represents all the channel in the world. Suddenly everyone was talking about it, internet is fooded with Jacko’s pictures, and in LA radios played the king of pop’s songs all day long.

Myself, I was shocked initially. But yeah, my situation was not helping me to do a lot of ‘research’ about it this morning. And ecause I went to uni alone, I didn’t have anyone to ‘discuss’ too. What to discuss? I don’t know.. Just wanna share that I onced loooooooved this star.

Hahaa.. my dear friends would know.

When I hear his legendary songs on the memoir just now ‘The Life and Death of Michael Jackson’, I felt like singing those songs again. Especially the ‘Remember the Time’ and ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’/

If I see in my YM friend’s status, out of 50, there are 5 people talking bout MJ’s death. And in my facebook feed, this afternoon was a bit crowded talking that ‘MJ day’ and such.. But tonight, only my former boss has it on her status, she posted two links of MJ’s video clips. hahaa..someone really misses MJ.

As in the worldwide, I am very sure people, especially Michael’s fans are pretty devastated about this shocking news. The heart attack before ‘This is It’ concert in London next July. I suspect medias are in the contraty. They feel the need of exposing the Indiana born, again, when the time is very precise to do so.

I would be very excited and ‘heboh’ if I’m still ‘registered’ as Michael’s big fan. I would. But I’m not. I’m glad that I wasn’t overexposing the ‘Dangerous’ singer for the last 8 years now.. Otherwise I will still feel the must of crying and emotionally stressed. Yea, I remember that was the feeling of being a big fan.

But it’s just such a great memory to recall, you know..

It’s quite interesting actually. I actually just realize that I didn’t really notice the way Michael talks was quite unique. Then I felt he’s cute. When people talking about him as a pedophile, I would defend him and such, and would looked at him in awe. And sang his songs wholeheartedly.

Today I saw the interview between him and….(forgotten)… on 2003. It was talking about his habit bringing children to share the same bedroom with him. He’s convincing. Though I don’t really agree that he related his habit with a bible verse. Well I think he was a great debater, he used many diplomatic statements that’s convincing. Hmm. and actually I still think he’s not what people accused him. Well, I don’t know much but.

I saw a video that he hold his third son, blankett on an upper level’s window in Germany. It’s kinda scarry. And his second wife was crying when being asked about her past with Jackson. Several weirdnesses were shown on the video. I guess I’m a bit blown with media’s stream today, ‘Wacko Jacko’, ‘Bizzare Personal Life Overshadowed the Success’, and many brave statements about the Moonwalker’s past. I responded to the staements with a bit awkward, because I think thy’re too..harsh. Indonesian media I think would not be that harsh, well a matter of culture.

I also see him now with a maturer view (compared with my teenhood 10 years ago). He’s smart. He’s charismatic, dare to be different, and unique. He was also very creative and business smart. No wonder he became a pioneer of many things, pop song, dance, extravagant video clip, and many more. But he was captured as weird, and had that arrogant-like look at times. Things that I once had never agreed on.

Im glad I wrote this. I just wanna share that haha.. Michael Jackson’s name was once coloring my text and note books back on 1990s. ‘Melinda Jackson’, that’s what I used to write.

One thing that I am still having in mind about MJ, as I was a bit exposing about the pop star today, is about salvation. Deep from my heart I do hope that he had received salvation while he was alive, instead of only talking about Jesus in his interviews. Just like what I hope about everybody. Salvation from the Living God, Jesus Christ.

Today I got a different perspective of my fanhood. Past tense.


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