Wrapping Today Up

Many revelations coming into my heart and spirit today. from meeting with amanda, until the sharing with brother ben just 30 minutes ago.

I was a lot encouraged and reminded that I am truly loved by God, and God does want me to do things that I only could imagine back then in Jakarta. In fact I’m already doing many things that are spectaculary out of my habit back then, but today I am convicted about the importance of God’s presence is what I am lacking of.

I felt kinda robotic lately, becuse many things run smoothly. It’s a part of laziness to share with people, I suppose, that makes me inevaluative about myself and my growth.

Today’s lesson is so important and significant for my future path. I need to share life. the  second thing is; everything I do is all the Holy Spirit’s work, he deseves the credit in everything good in me.

God really showed that he does care for my particular life plan, mission, and  personality. sending church life, sending student life and amanda, sending  ministries, it just really has impacted my deays and journey.

I was being prayed today by the cds-film-production team, just really significant to what I’m actually thinking and desiring of: working in media for God’s glory, and stayimg in Australia. It’s just so amazing how God speaks and presents himself through his believers. I would never want to waste this equipping process that God allows me to having. And for one, I need to catch up the relationship, and also to really learn something by writing it down. Someone wise says, you never learn something until you start taking notes about it. I found it really true.

It’s just too amazing.

Now I am thinking of Adobe Premiere Pro CS4..


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