StudentLife’s CONNEXIONS – Mt. Tambourine – 27-29 March 2009

Camp Tambourin

Hi my blog!
So glad to be back at home with bringing new mindset 🙂 (was gonna say ‘so glad to be connected again with the internet, kekekeek)

Just got back! Been having camp at Camp Tambourin (about 1 hour from Brisbane) this weekend. The theme of the camp was “World Changers”. It was an equipping camp for meee.. I am so happy with what God put in my heart and spirit. Despite all the communication and relationship thing that I am lacking of ( a general sense!), I am so sure God will dogreat things, and He gives me the privilege to be a part of it. So awesome. Now I need another equipping moments.

Next days are my celebration days. God please don’t leave me unequipped and un-You..:) Hahaaa..I know You won’t, cos You’re so nice and aweeeeesome!!


Pray that every Student Lifers will color their unis with Your love and strength. We love You, Jesus! Woohoo!


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  1. aku sekarang ga cinta gereja aja, atau ga cinta student life lebih dari cinta gereja, atau cinta gereja lebih dari student life. they both are the same lovely. thank so much God for these two u put in my lefe. so awesome.. need your Holy Spirit to actualize everything i got from these two.. hiyaaaaaa..

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