I cant seem to speak up in your language, sir..

I find it very hard to express myself in the class. especially where people are all english fluent speaker.. and today we play finalcutpro PLUS we did the shoot consultation with Randall. Quite relieved that we’re not way off the track.. even Randal announced an extension for the submission, fiuuuuuhh..

A bit surprised that he mentioned my name earlier, asking bout my feet.. hwaaw.. I kinda like it that Im known by my teacher. Would be very nice if they knew what Ive learnt before actually, and know the fact that Im finding it quite hard talking in english.. So that they can give me a chance to talk.. But then.. If I want to talk I should speak up, shouldnt I?

Now am at Southbank Library. Trying to open the online production file..oooh..so hard to do 😦


Betewe, seneng deh dosen2ku semester ini bervariasi.. praktisi semua lagih, bahkan dua di antranya guanteng..hehe.. have i mentioned one of them mirip banget sama Alessandro Del Piero? haa.. no kidding.

Jadi nama dosen2 yang kukagumi (at the momet, dan kucintai kalo ngasi nilai buwaaagussh, hihii) adalah Michael Meadows (jurnalis senior), Chris Mamezoluous (jurnalis, presenter, produser), Michael Mier (sutradara, editor, produser, audioperson), dan Randall (sutradara, Produser),,

heheee.. lumayan walau pelajarannya banyak yang dah aku ga asing lagi, tapi dapet ilmu mengajar yang baik ala orang bule..walau dalam bahasa yang kadang tak kumengerti 😦

Bersyukur setiap saaaaaaaaat, graaakk! 🙂


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