What we do secretly in a class..

Today I found out something unique someone does at a classroom.. LOL.. A new friend of mine revealed that he will attend most of all the workshops in the library to gain as much as possibble the info there, to then share the info n knowledge in his office back home. How does he do thet? He recorded it.

I have a similar weird thing I do in a class. Hwhhw.. I like to taking pictures of new things I experience. Sooo.. I have several snapshots of my lecturers. And..to be honest, I recorded my Italian course back in Jakarta as well, Giuseppe’s class. I recourded it like from the very beginning until te very end (if I wasn’t late, of course). I collected them and I listened to them once. Didn’t reach the initial purpose.. but I have the satisfaction that the memory of being somewhere (that i find very interesting) is in my hand.

Funny thing related to this habit of mine happened in my previous summer course down at the Gold Coast. It’s hillarious. I really liked this class, right.. And I really don’t want to forget about it. I need a ‘proof’ that I had that kind of course once in my life. LOL, seriously, it’s a very interesting class, Writing for the Web, 1802ART (now you know, Griffith-ers :p).

The lecturer was very funny and attractive. He’s kind, but crazy, but amazingly, respectful. So what he does in his classes (oh yeah, my friend’s the witness, he is such a person) are: talking loudly, walking on our tables, chewing gums and put the gum on the roof, encouraging people to bring food and share it with others (cool, hey..).

So one day, a beautiful sunny day, I put my cellphone on my table, and recorded the audio activities. Yap. I recorded Mr. JN talks. It was going well. In terms he spoke clearly and quite near to my desk. So the ‘production’ should be fine.

Until that moment happen. He suddenly jump on to the table in front of me, and started to act crazy! He TOOK MY CELLPHONE (and making me my face turn into reddish) and asked why it didnt ring at all (because before that day, my phone ‘sang’ Third Eye Blind’s Semi-Charmed Life!) He looked at my phone intentively (I hoped and I hoped that he wouldn’t press anything and saw my recording process!!). And he put it on the roof just upon my head. OH!!! I really hoped that’s it. Later on he told me that he hoped that the cellphone would ring, wouldnt that be awesome, he said.

After about 30minutes, he was bored, and he opened the roof again, and… (my heart beat sooooo sooo fast!) and took the phone..and… gave it to me. OOOWHHH… Such a relieve!!!

THis story was only shared betwewn me, Fei, and Khalid.. and now this blog. Fiuuh.. At least it passed..  **OH MY!! just now i got a phone call from khalid!! HAHAHAAA**


So..next time I’m doing secret thing in my class.. I should be aware if my lecturer is similar with Mr. JN or not. Dangeroussss!!! :p


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