Having a thought of Melbourne and Sydney..


I have never ever had this kind of thought before. Going to another city in Australia.

The crazy thought came when I got the returned tax from the government.. It was nearly new year, and I was tempted to go to Sydney, haaaa.. But I made the right decision. I didn’t think about it anymore.

Now it comes to the situation to think about it again. Now it’s about going to Melbourne. Why Melbourne? There is no Hillsong there. Yeah. But the thing’s even more relevant to me, cos it’s The OC time, Oceania Convention. It is a convention for all the Hope Churches throughout Pacific. Gathering annually and this time it’s in Victoria, Phillip Island in particular.


Onced I thought about it, because the word “God will provide” kinda getting thru my heart. But then I forgot about it. I was too busy, and it’s expensive! The OC itself is 300ish, not including the flights!

BUT.. One day it just came to me this thought.. I had worked for several weeks last month.. And most the salary is not even in my hand yet.. And that is the time I know that God really provides. Not only He made my heart settled (because the scholarship -tuition- arrived), but the job He gave really makes me provided, especially for this OC.

Still have some thought though.. Is it actually for saving? Is it the wisest thing to use the money I earned for OC? Hmm..seems.. It IS. Amen 🙂


Oh, I even have a thought about Sydney, because it’s kinda long holiday..(a week), and I didn’t have emough vacation last 4months-holiday!.. AND I was thinking maybe it can be arranged, the internship in Sydney, that I heard from Mba Aan??

Need to think-think-think about it. Deeply. So amazing how each and everyday I got an extra power to think extra things!


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