Let the week begin!

16 February and above..
16 February and above..

The mid of February is here, is coming, is now!

I can’t remember since when have I been thinking about these ‘special’ days.. Maybe since November last year.

All the internship thing was the beginning. Then the GI Mate interview. Then the Summer Semester schedule. Then the Student Life’s program Andrew once informed about.. The Inter-Faith summit plan (as I started working as casual for Multi-Faith Centre). What a complex month it would be, that’s a thought back then.

And it becomes to reality.

It is the ‘season’ . Tomorrow, approximately 11 hours from now, I will experience GI Mate-ing! What a wonderful job, hey.. I will get the chance of meeting new friends, and hopefully will be able to make hard-things easier for them in terms of having new environment here in Griffith Uni, Nathan Campus, Brisbane, Australia..

We had an orientation last Thursday, and hopefully we (well, I :P) can make it from tomorrow on! And not to mention the summit,, and the Dan Murphy’s thing, and the payment thing.. Haaaaaaaaa.. mana I left my schedule book at Multi-Faith Centre pula, hikss..


But sure is, this is the week I’ve been waiting for jeeeeng.. So Im gonna love it! God will help me do the things He percayakan for my hands to hold 🙂


I give my heart for the purpose. Love the weeks ahead, love the short days I have here in Brisbane!! Yeahh!!


melinskiss-ditemani lagu Tinggikan DiriMu/GMB dari album Rise Up, di atas karpet di tengah barang-barang yang berserakan di suatu kamar di Coopers Plains :O


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