Such a day!

Why should i remember today? Cause it’s too memorable to be forgotten. And what is so unforgettable about this sunny day? Well first of all, it’s only one day away to my second summer cours, Sport Journalism. So this is like an excitement I think, but also a fear of loosing many time and energy. Summer course, once again… How time consuming it will be..


So I have some good relationship building today, I mean, it’s different from anyother Sunday, which I always do in a regular basis. I had so many communications! How good is that. Wish that everyday goes like today, hmmm.. I’ll become fluent in English faster.. And the more important thing increasing in quality is actually the spiritual growth. Because when we get deeper into someone’s life, or getting to care about someone, we start to share perspectives, and it’s just a willing heart to share the love will grow and grow..


Wll anyway, I promised to wake Min up today at 7.. And! had an appointment with Janice at 9am at UQ. So either I can or cannot, I have to wake up at least at7, right.. I did. Yiaaay.. Rare hey, waking at that time on Sundays. I then call Min, but Nova was the one whos picking up. So it’s done. Min has her waking up person already. Then I didnt make it to catch the 8am bus, cos the long shower! Huh. So I change the plan with Janice. She changed the plan as well because she didnt catch her train to Dutton Park afterwards. So we met arounf 9.40 at UQ bus stop lake. We talked.. We arrived at 10 sharp at the church..hmm well not that sharp. I was sitting beside Min and Janice. Janice asked things that I was surprised of hearing. Hmm.. Thank God she wanted to ask all of that..


Trus pake bahasa indo aja ah.. aku ada komunikasi lumayan lah sama orang-orang baru (ga pernah ngobrol sebelumya) kaya edna, william, boy, sama ramesh. yang terakhir ini staff international officenya griffith gt deeh.. hehee.. akhirnya berkenalan..


trus ngobrol ma kevin dapet info baru…aku gausah ngedit c4k video..huaaaa..kok bersyukur banget dan kentara banget gw ya tadi senengnya? sorry Kevin.. \


Nah kalo minggu lalu I spent the Sunday with hanging around with a new ‘accidently-met’ friend, Mio (JPN), hari ini cuma ke Coles Myer City and makan KFC  (gila, hobi banget).. and ke rumah deh.. bikin imel yang ngebahas ttg general schedule-nya summit ( many things to do actually).. Time consuming loh, sampe lupa ke rumah peggy tuk undangan dinner.. Akhirnya aku datang ke rumahnya jam 8.30, hehe.. ni baru pulang, abis minum wine in the end sambil foto2, hhheheheeee..


Plajaran hari ini adalah, take everything seriously, especially the way I see God. And start learning sharing maximally..



Love today.. Love today..




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