Mandarin-Translation of My Fave Indonesian Song on Taiwan TV :)


I just got an inspiration to talk about the song mengenalMu-nya ka sidney mohede.. Secara tadi di facebook ka sidney pengumuman gitu.. bahwa ada video youtube yang adalah mandarin translationnya lagu yang tadi dia sebut di atas.. hihiii.. so cool. bener2 tetep keren lagunya. Lagu ini juga emang favorit saya semenjak dahulu kala yang pas launching albumnya kutunggu2.. Soal GMB mah tak kejarrrrr kmanapun.. huahahhaa..

well would like to share.. THIS IS THE MANDARIN-TRANSLATED SONG I’M TALKING ABOUT (ini acara tv live singing competition di tv taiwan – berdasarkan komentar2 orang di facebooknya ka sidney)..

dan kalo ga percaya bahwa ini lagu INDONESIA well my friend, you gotta believe, it is Indonesian.. it’s produced around the year 2004 in he album ‘Nothing is Ever Impossible’ by GMB. (wuoow… so proud and whatta privilege to have say that: Indonesian song reaches the world).

So this is the original version, dari youtube juga, pas GMB having their concert di.. mm.. Solo..

What do you think?? 😀



@ melinskiss’ dictionary @

GMB: stands for Giving My Best, an Indonesian Christian Band that’s been serving God since 1996. They’ve produced more than 7 albums throughout these years. The former lead vocal was the composer of the song (together with all other band member for the music). Sidney Mohede, the lead vocal, is no longer part of the band, and he is now substituted by Bams, an Indonesian well-known band singer (Samsons band). Sidney Mohede is still serving God with his talent in his church though, Jakarta Praise Community Church, as a youth pastor, and as the worship leader of True Worshippers, another Indonesian singers singing truth. Ruth Sahanaya is also part of this group.


*friendly credits to the youtube uploaders :)*


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