GI MATES – Griffith International Making Arrival and Transitions Easy for Students

 It is a good news!! I think I am gonna be a GI Mate.. Let’s hope it would happen.. 😀 karna dari hati yan gterdalam, beneran saya ga tega liat newcomers at a university sendirian en kebingungan di hari pertamanya dateng, just like I WAS!!

And this article clearly expressed that situation. Iya, bener, GI Mate program yang bagusssh..

New beginnings made easy

Settling in to university life is now a whole lot easier for international students thanks to a new transition program at Griffith.

Griffith International Making Arrival and Transitions Easy for Students (GI MATES) is a peer support program that provides a range of services including enrolment advice, study support and campus and city familiarisation tours.

GI MATES mentors welcomed some 2000 new international students to the Nathan and Gold Coast campuses as part of the pre-Orientation Week schedule.

Bachelor of Communication student and GI MATE mentor Jolene Jeremiah said the program provided vital support and ongoing guidance during the first few weeks of Semester 1.

“It’s a fantastic program. I know from my own experience as an international student that it can be very confusing starting university in a different country.

“I really enjoyed being able to help new students adjust to Griffith life with advice on enrolment and campus orientation. I’ll be volunteering to be part of the Semester 2 program as well.”

Pro Vice Chancellor (International) Christopher Madden said the program encouraged the sharing of knowledge and experiences between members of the Griffith community, and promoted a deepened awareness of cultural understanding.

“Our international students bring a wealth of diverse culture and perspectives to Griffith, enriching the lives of many staff and students,” Mr Madden said.

“Many of the mentors are international students themselves, so in addition to offering advice about enrolling and accommodation, the mentors can share personal accounts of how they settled in to university and Australian life.”



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