I survived!

That is the best word that I really am proud about today. It was quite an emotional day.

Started with a tiring morning, and the reason for that was because I slept at 4am.. 😦

Waking up at 10.30, I got prepared but still didn’t catch the bus. I arived late in front of library, eva was already surrounded by Ali and his friendssss.. I insisted to borrow the tripod, and I am still thankful for that. It wasn’t all like I really wanted, but it’s fine, I am learning how to mix cooperation with perfectionism. Though I like it when the ‘much talking’ friend seem to know what I was feeling at the time. Hohooo, sorry Niels.


It was a perfectionist friend that making you uncomfortable. But as long as you do your part well, then I would accept and try to get in to you.


I didn’t make itgoing to the post office and buy things, meeting Ms.Daus, going to bible study at goanna lounge and law building as well, and apparently the football watch was no one to intend anyway. So sad to hear that Mas Santo ternyata patah tulang, huhuu..kirain cuma keseleo.. 😦

Ow, we went to sunnybank hills, pretty good, well I see something that made me a little bit envious. Her life is really effected by his life and help. I found a contrast feeling about them..


I went to Garden City instead of going to campus (the post office is not opened anyway, I thought). And I shopped, with my tripod and else. A lot. I bought the ww bag again. A collector rises!


The exit doors were all closed, just like always. And it was raining, even storm occuring! After taking money from anz atm, I went to the wrong way, again, helped by the direction of a girl :(. I wore my umberella, holding a plastic bag, picking my bag, ww bag, and tripod. under the rain I walked sadly. It shouldn’t been like that anymore.. It was like playing an old song over and over again. A wrong side of direction always make my heart like burnt.

The rain making it even worst, like a solar, not a water rain. I found a little bus stop but 125 wont be there before 7.54pm, so NO, I decided. I kept on walking around that Garden City Plaza. I met a girl directing with a good news. That was when I got a trolley and met two men. I realised that I felt a little bit happy when I asked someone a direction. Better then just enjoying the pain all alone. Huh.

Going uphill, I left the trolley. And there it was, the beautiful BUS INTERCHANGE (not BUS STOP!! –> the false thing all of this time). I wasn’t late. I was 5 minutes kecepetan. Bahkan I waited for another 20 minutes there. I ate my chips, I ate my banana, I even slept like three times.

In the bus I prepared my keys –> good habit I will do for the rest of the days! Thanks to italian kalung id. I met the couple at the kitchen, talking about myself and not asking about them, WRONG. Well I asked where she’s going by dressing properly. The will go to the casino, she explained.

Now I am hungry. Can not decide whether I should struggle for the essay to be hecked by Ms.Podevin, or just falling asleep.


Fiuuuh.. So glad I survived. Made it.

So tired and sleepy and hungry and saddy in one part. with proud. i passed after all. yea.

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