for kendall..

feel very guilty..


i went to kendall’s soccer game. i couldn’t find any single word to start a conversation to even one of her friends!! so uncool.. 😦

i sat there beside the field, and keep in that position the whole game. when people subtituting, i kept my silence with me. i really want to encourage them, but i didn’t know how. it really was my first experience watching football like watching football live. phiiiuhh. imagine watching football and making comments about it in indonesian, that would even need some vocabularies.. and then my shoes were on the land of english speaking country. double phiiuuh..


so sorry kendall, if you found me like not mingling with your friends.. i was really speachless..


but it was really a good game! i supported ur team, and i like ur team! they’re nice. even if i didn’t show that, i was really supporting you guys., just dont know what to say, to scream about, and to even act. just watching and watching. huiikkssss..


but so thankful i finally watched it!! thanks for that, kendall!!


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  1. Mbak unyillmbak unyil…mo ke kendal aja mesti ke aussie dulu. di jawa tengah juga ada. Kendal…hehehe

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