hari yang penuh


sangat menyenangkan kalau setiap hari se-bersemangat seperti inih!


dari bangun pagi2 jam 08.44 (bayangin! jam 05.44-nya WIB! :p) trus buru2 nyuci food container-nya peggy, manasin nasi gorengnya peggy, mandi, siap2, makan, trus jalan ujan2 ke rumah charis-peggy-sophia. dari sana dijemput daniel n kita ke UQ. setelah briefing all dan kita tepat waktu gitu deh, kita briefing C4K masing-masing section. felt releved waktu tau bahwa video presentasi yang ditonton sebelumnya adalah buatan hired people! oh my, imagine that kind of standard, huhuu..walau pastinya nanti sebagai videographer di C4K pastinya berat juga, tapi setidaknya ga sutrisno bayangin standard setinggi itu. walau, sekali lagi, mau bikin standard kaya gitu :p my own standard kan bolehh.. Oya, the journalist is Charis, and..


dari sana naik bis 109 ke cultural center (bareng tendai), dan dimulailah perjalanan mewawancara yang menakutkan menuju GreenFest. wuikksss.. Tapi entah kenapa, hujan yang rintik romantis sepanjang sore tadi (halaaah) malah bikin saya semangat 2008 hahaaa.. aneh ya. First of all I checked the stands, and made some recordings. then I tried to find the committe’s stand. I found it, I got the PR, I was directed to the head of all but cancelled, I interviewed the previous PR, her name is Tiffany, from Malaysia (QUT).


There from I got my spirit back. What a good time I had! I interviewed her, interviewed a singer (Mick M…), hmm who else.. the go green guy, the orangutan-stand lady, stockshots of heaps of stands and stages, interviews with a couple of international students, and a high school student. It was so much fun!!!! This is the time when I am proud of being a communication student holding the camera :p The fun was kinda distracted because the batterie(s) ran off. And it was when I was concentrating on wall-e’s room!


Going to the city afterward instead of going to the nearest bus stop. I was hungry and I didn’t remember the bus’ number going to Corparoo – Doyin’s house. HHhhaaa.. the second statement was an excuse, I was really hungry that I wanted to grab KFC in the Myer.


Then I knew that it’s 204, the bus number. I went to bus stop no.46, outside the myer mal – but first I was searching for the unreachable platform B!!! Well gotta say it’s good to eat even inproperly in the side of the street when I am hungry, haha!! So I ate the KFC-$3.25-snack box standing next to the bus stop, and finished just in the time 204 came!! I was very sleepy when the bus get to the corner stone area, thankful I didn’t miss it :p


I remember Doyin’s house, yeaaay.. And I ate again. It was really nice! Good african food 😀 thanks Doyin. And there were a lot of girls! See if I can remember all of them 🙂 From left to right of the living room, in the angle of the front door: Esther, Angela, Tandy, -forget-, Jessi, Edna, -Angela’s sister-, Franklinne, Mariam, and Doyin. Wuow, lots of us, haha.. I didn’t enjoy the nigerian movie in the beginning, and I kinda couldn’t catch up with the discussion. It’s not the topic, it’s just the language and intonation, ow, and a little cultural background difference as well :p


At 8.30 we went off. We got 204 at 8:50 at the second bus stop from McD. I got home, watching movies with Megan. Alicia is in MacKay, Olga is heading to Sydney with her boyfriend, I suppose. Then here I am, for the first time in a couple weeks, I checked my email kust once a day, hahaa..

Happy sleepy 😀


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