Brisbane and Indonesian churches… [part two]

The Shame



I was too ashamed to confirm that shocking knowledge to the guys I was talking with. Anyway, I tried to collect infos to from the persons I first met. But as soon as I was alone with Bernard, I told him that I thought Sumi was a girl! And there he shocked.


The second service went good. It was definitaly Indonesian. Which I think was very approaching. I thought, This is the first Indonesian service I have in Australia. I felt home. The pronounciations were well understood, and I enjoy having the experience. Old but new experience. New but old. Something like that. I sat with Bernard and Juli like in the back row. My first experience, again, sitting with Indonesian church-connected-friends. Was that a proper clause?


The church finished, and instead of walking home (or to the library like I was intending to), I was asked by Jenna’s sister and Jenna and Sisca to come to the lunch. In Sunnybank. So by Jenna’s car we went there. We went to this Thai ‘foodcourt’ and ordered together: me, Sisca, Jenna, Juli, and Jenaa’s sister. I ate Spicy Pork.. $8.90 and there was the leftover.  Can you imagine how massive the food was? I got a leftover! I then asked for a food container. Ate it again just now. Yumm!


There Sumi came by and I apologized him, for what I thought he was. And I asked him whether he noticed some weird messages I sent. And he checked his cell phone, and look there it was, the message calling him “Bu”. Huiksss.. So heaps of huikksss..


After eating, with Sisca, I waited the other friends finishing their meals. Jenna and her sister gone already. Patrick made me amazed, he’s hillarious. We all finished, and we continue going to the church (campus – I love to hear it; “church” – instead of “Griffith”), to do the dismantle. Wow, again I feel ‘so okay’, I don’t know why.  I talked to Sisca for some moments, helped rolling the cables, and talked to Sumi for some moments, too.


New Things Still Yet To Come

It didn’t stop there. I followed the churches (:D) going to Baron’s house, where the music equippments are kept. It was a lovely Australian house with Indoneians in it. Felt awkward and speechless in many points, but was okay. They all planned to watch Eagle’s Eye movie, and I passed. I gave the false reason, though, I know that wasn’t true. Instead of telling that I was so tired (I was!), I told them that I have spent great deal of money for cinema this whole week. It’s not a good thing to say, Mel.


Bill drove me home, I arrived at around 6. I slept, and woke up and chatted for a few sentences with Alicia and Megan about my religion. I won again on eBay. Cooked rice and microwaved the pork. Ate. And here I am. Wanting to see the whole posting asap :p.


That’s for today. Good day. Good night.

*oh, and by the way.. I didn’t make any picture today. At all! Still trying to figure out what that means.


[the end.]


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