YahooAnswers Answers.

*I am feeling sorry for myself, because I didn’t write things in english earlier..*

Hey anyway, I need to share about this matter right away. I remember that I used to find YahooAnswers really helpful, and I have always wanted to share it with someone. The thing is I always forgot. This time I’m writing about it before it slips again from my mind.

Have you ever felt like sometimes you wanna ask someone a ‘silly’ question BUT important for you, and you feel shy about it? I have. And when I google it, most of the time, I find the best answer from YahooAnswers. It is a very great place to know about people’s experiences. As example, I was very shocked and trembled when I made this mistake. I cooked something in the oven with a plastic container (something such a lunchbox). After 20 minutes, IT MELT!! I was so afraid I broke the oven. As soon as I pull the tray, I looked around, and I brought it to my room! Silly, huh.. But I felt tottaly guilty and stupid! I wanted to fix it, and I wanted NOBODY know about it. So I tried to tear the melting plastic, and in the same time I googled about this matter.

Suddenly I felt sooooo…relieved. Not just because I succeeded in seperating the plastic from the tray, but because I found many people did that mistake, and it can be solved easily, and I found out that I didn’t do something poisoning!! So God bless YahooAnswers. I am serious, it really helps!


do u know how to use it correctly, honey?
do u know how to use it correctly, honey?

It is even better when I searched about how you suppose to use toilet paper. Halooo.. It is very important for un-western people who hve never find such toilet before. In Indonesia, there is always the option, either you find toilet using the tissue/toilet paper, and or using water. In Australia, you will find ONLY toilet paper. And it’s BAD! I really don’t like it, until now. How in the earth will I feel clean without using water to clean myself! (Soooo thankful that there is some kind of ‘gayung’ in my home’s toilet!)

So I went to YahooAnswers, and again I was so relieved. There is this guy who expressed my thoughts into question. And there are good answers already. The explanations usually started with “Are you serious?”, “Weird question!”, “What a funny question, you shouln’t have asked about this in this kind of forum”, “Where did you live, bro?” I WANTED TO SCREAM WHEN I READ THESE RESPONDS!! Do you think that everybody in the world uses the same ‘culture’??!! How unthoughtful! I mean, you are ‘lucky’ that your culture influence other’s that they all migrated to yours. And many of you whom internet-literate share the same culture. That is why you are confused this kind of question appear. I mean, if everyone in the world is internet-literate and feels free to share anything they want in YahooAnswers, they will tell you, IUUUUHH.. THAT’S REALLY WEIRD WHAT YOU DO, MAN! WASHING ‘THAT’ IS SUPPOSED USING WATER!!

Fiuuh.. I am so sorry I’m kinda emotional now. It’s just..I don’t think it’s fair to easily consider a question as a joke. Just imagine yourself in that position, not knowing anything about some particular thing. Wouldn’t you feel good when somebody really give the exactly needed answer without laughing unmannerly?

Well, just something to share. And I really thank YahooAnswers for making me feel and think the way I feel and think right now. Cheers!


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