Yeap, it already past. Well nobody I invited respond to my invitation, and not everybody I know invited by me! –> regret this!

I found it hard to reach the building..can’t feel happier if not decribing its process:

– checking the route and bus trip from translink.com.au

– found out that I had to catch 260 (from QE2) at 5.10pm and 172 (from Garden City Interchange ‘I’) at 5.40something. 

– Came late to QE2, BUT! There is no 260 anyway. The translink lied! I already searched for Saturday route!! I chose catching bus 135 to get to the Griffith Uni busway and catch any bus going to Garden City in the opposite side

– Was in the Garden City ‘I’, with the bus info saying: 172 has already passed, with the next schedule in the next 3 hours or something!

– Calling 131230 to ask the route information. Becoming friendly with saying ‘operator’ and ‘yes’, for the machine didn’t hear clearly what I said. OF COURSE, I was very upset..

– The operator lady directed me to Upper Mt.Gravatt Highway platform 1 to catch bus 111

– I went all through to that direction, firstly with the wrong lift 😦

– There is nobody in the bus stop. It was windy. There is no complete info board. I thought the lady must be weong. I started to feel sorry about my condition.

– I called 131230, again. ‘operator’ – ‘yes’. The other lady direct me to catch bus 174 from GARDEN CITY ‘I’!!!! The first place I went!! Great! Tears was just that close to rose.

– Took the lift again, across the bridge, looking at the bus info. Thank God there was no overpassing bus! I then waited the 174 to come at 6.07. The anniversary would be started at 6.30, so it’s okay.

– That little girl needs a proper attention (poor thing, her mom and aunty seemed like they’re careless). I watched her as I waited. And there’s the bus.

– I couldn’t look for the bus stop’s number; IT WAS DARK. Instead of went off at the Stop38, I got off at the Stop37, which made me walking about 10-15 minutes in the unknown surrounding in the dark.

– It was about 6.30.. And I found the sign: Garden City Christian Church, entrance via Rover Street – Second right. OH YEAH!

– I found the Rover Street, it was like an end road, with a big opened gate and many parked cars. Yeah. I felt a mix of happy and grumpy.

– I met Mas Beng. Told him a glimpse of what I had been through. “But hey, you made it!” – yeah, I made it. Was feeling so comfortable to be surrounded by healing words.

– Entering the building. Found Rhyce and Faray. It wasn’t even started though was 6.45.. And there  was the officer of the second floor Griffith’s International Office, just saw him then.

Hmmh..all of those scream-out-loud-deep-in-heart. Thank God it’s a happy ending 🙂

Flashes: Jessica and Baba danced, Mba Mel and Peggy sang. Mas Beng and Doyin came into front stage. Will did the ushering.

Hmm..I dont know.. That flash made me felt so..right. There were those times that I didn’t know anybody in the church I used to attend. But here it’s so.. different. Everybody knows everybody, everybody connected to everybody, at least everybody in their own lifegroup. Every lifegroup recognised every lifegroup. It’s like the concept that I thought was established by frendster.com. Hahahaaa..

I feel the warmth.. And I shout it outloud: I love the it!

We went to Baba’s house afterward (with Patric and Susan), good visit! Thanks for driving me home with your new GPS, Patrick!!


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