God bless GoogleEarth-Map, Wikimapia, Yahoo!Map, GPS


I should really say it. I find these things are very ‘inhuman’, hahaaa.. I mean, the technology is so cool! They make us looking a sparkle of God’s point of view, don’t they? So detail, near to be accurate, and so representing!!

I visited www.realestate.com.au after 3 months (more or less) being inactive. Why? Simply because it’s one of my massive links written in the right side of this blog, with the title ‘Accomodation Australia!’ –>

Then..I trapped myself in a nostalgic thoughts. I remember the last time I browse for this site was in the 8th loor of my office in Jakarta. That quiet large room in the middle of the night (probably 4am), all by myself. I was so confused, communicating with mba desry, with my education agency, with the Australian Embassy in Jakarta, with griffith university, with university of indonesia, thinking about my unpaid leave approval, and of course with my present landlord. Gosh, June-July 2008, I will remember you as a very effective and colorful times of my precious life! 😀


Being bold informed by Avissa (mba Gamme’s cousin studying at UQ – St.Lucia), I tried to find an ‘elective’ accomodation, in case Leauarne let go my present room for somebody else concerning my long visa approval. Sending a letter here, there, responding Mrs.A, asking Mrs.&Mrs.B..some through this website, and some through Griffith’s off campus accomodation online service. I remember the feeling. I kind of attached with the website. I saw Australia through it. It helped me imagining the life I would have.

It came to me now, too, that me and some of 2nd floor guys helped me browsing the website, hahaaa.. It was Masdhim, Ivan, and Rizky. We checked several houses, according to the price, and it’s closeness to the Griffith – Nathan Campus, which I hardly can imagine back then!! GOSH! By the way, we looked at the wikimapia, we found out the ANZ stadium (hahaaa..masdhim was very interested to it – and by the way, a match will be held there, between Australian and Qatar –> and I AM COMING! :P). Oooouww..and I remember as well, our imagination, huhahahaaa.. If someday any of my friend come to visit me at the accomodation-who-knows-which, I should let them secure by giving a place to stay freely. Huaahahaa.. a nice and sweet thought. How I miss that kind of hope. An actual evident, ladies and gentlemen.. Hope gives you spirit.

I love the journey. I love it that I still remember about it. I love having the memory as I write these words down. I was that then, and I am this now.

I feel so W.O.W.W rite now… Let me say that again.. W.W.O.O.O.W.W!! hihihii..a good feeling.

–okay, 3.44am already. The Bethany Church will start at 9am, with Suminsen’s message: Jangan telat ya! Better get sleep soon. *I won’t go to HopeBrisbane-UQ because they held the anniversary yesterday – considered as the weekly service as well*



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