yang baru-nya yang baru..

beautifully new insights
beautifully new insights

1. gotta make this blog in english from now on, oww.. except for saying that: dua hari ini lumayan berkualitas ni pembicaraan sama kedua orang teman serumah, heheh.. thank God.. aakhirnya dinding-dinding itu mulai runtuh..minggu depan ada rencana jalan bareng, yippieee!! tadi lumayan lama kita ber4 berdiri di dapur, ngomongin kekhasan australia, gelo maaang..melebar kemana-mana obrolannya, pegel benget sayah..

2. i had a really great day today, ups, yesterday. we went to this prayer meeting at mater hill, which was awesome, what a lovely present i got here 😀 more than anything i can imagine i would get in here. no other expressing word. awesome.

3. details are being taken care of by The Lord, alwas have, and always will. so i’m really just gonna take it easy. Learn many new things. many-many new things. I am becoming more healthier in some areas. yeah! im glad im declaring that. makes me like being responsible in keep doing it. actually this is one of my important learning, to really share in a higher leve. it helps a lot.

4. journalist.. hmm..

5. it’s like having Giving My Best’s cassettes (feeling like i’m having a whole new album), i feel the same way bout bible. in english version, wuooow.. so much new learning. what i usually used to hear or read are totally different in english. geee..so hard to understand! moreover becoz the version i have is NLT, new living translation. But miracle happened las friday, a friend gave me a present, without asking or surveying, an NIV bible!! God is too romantic :D, just giving ehat i need exactly on time. not to mention the thing i had in lifegroup. and my other friend’s help in correcting my cover letter. soooo..thankful.

6. i challenge myself to really use every opportunity to speak english. gotta love my being. wnna love my being in a better way. wanna love australia.

7. hmm..christian sugiono’s blog is such an inspiration.

8. yippiee..mu family uses skype!


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