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Don’t expect no favors
nothing in return
Tell all your cross-eyed neighbors 
      that it’s none of their concern

Open the shades Melinda
let in the outside air
I’m deep in doubt and I can’t get out
and it must be dark in there

Chorus 1:
      I wanna walk with you in the morning mist
        Though I should be home by now
        And there must be some way outta this
     I was thinking you’d know how
    And my judgement may be shaky
      And my shoes are soaking through
          ‘Cause the weeds are wet and I haven’t yet 
    Made any sense of you

All the midnight angels
Fold their wings by dawn
The same old wild-eyed strangers 
Sit and watch em till they’re gone
I let the night unravel
Forget my vain pursuits
‘Cept to feel that gray rock gravel
On your road beneath my boots

Chorus 2:
I wanna walk with you in the changing light
When the shadows twist and play
And the ghosts that kept me out all night
We can chase em all away
And the talk of those that wonder
And the talk of those that curse 
Let em have their thrill, they’ll need it
We’ll be no more for the worse

Shine your eyes upon me
whisper long and low
Mindful of the longing 
       that we ever more may know

Up the ridge on past you
Looking down below
You can see the stacks of Danville 
Wwhen the clouds don’t hang so low
Should you take a mind to
Won’t you join me there
Open the shades Melinda
Let in the outside air


melinda by James Mcmurtry


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