my next topic..


Just been thinking bout..
Just been thinking bout..

it’s a wise thing to do to having these writings in english.. gotta try it than never, ritey.. and these are my future topics 😀 do that i won’t forget it..

1. about developed and developing countries (inspiration from mr.michael meadows)

2. looking downward and upward (from steve; classmate)

3. long age (huhahhaaaa.. i dunno what’s ‘panjang umur’ in english!)

4. japanese bus driver; good one!

5. no worries and you’re allright

6. the UN situation: ‘Bangsa-bangsa’!!

7. Standby and focused all the time; refrehed spirit each seconds!

8. extra-populated vs minimum-populated and! don’t forget the SES!



  1. hmmmm… if u get it better with ur spika engli, write it all down one more time ok. then u’ll get a better reply 🙂

  2. Mbak unyil…panjang umur bahasa inggrisnya long live…bener gak?? wah2 aku bisa dapet beasiswa juga nih… hihihi…pusing juga kayaknya topik2 diatas…hmmm… ;p

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