Yes. Wow. Work OF Wonderful GOD amazes me..

Semoga semua lancar.. Which I’m sure it will.. 😀

GOD, there is nothing we can’t bear if we’re with You.. So pleas stay by our side, by me, each and everyday…

Thanks for my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, my every past-stories, my present being, my future plans..and all You are. If you let me, please let me find Your way in being Your messenger, around the world-though it’s unnessesary to have it literary.. Please make me be a messenger in MY WORLD.. that’ll do. 😀

Happy Sunday! and it is everyday, cos each day is YOUR CREATION, SPECIALLY FOR US.. Amen!

Quote me:

memories.. memories.. listen to the thing i will tell.. for not the second time i will yell. these strong eight words i can never farewell.. that is.. i love your presence, you are whom i fell.


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