too believe that everything’s gonnabe just more than alright!




Yes. Yes. Yes. (penegasan, bukan kegirangannn) Tomorrow I’ll see what God will give me.. and I am better than happy to have the knowledge 😀  I believe Him, I believe whatever that is, that is the dream coming real. Even if it’s not the way I want it, hey. I still got TOOOOOOOO MANY LESSONS from this every-scholarship-thing. I can’t wait to see my own expression. I hope I’ll be pleasing Him.. 😀 Thank you Lord for last night, for the enlightning, for the empowering..

Tick-tock.. Tick-tock.. I’m going to tomorrow. To whenever and whatever, however the Truth shall guide.. And you know wat ma freeeen… I’m soooo longing for my revival becoming actualization.


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