26 Juni 2008 yang Fenomenal..in A Bad Way (now)

so hard to say something that is undescribably unknown..

but today i got so many pressures.. specially from my own heart.

i meant well in getting thru this day.. in contrary.. i was not the controller of my own situation. i let situation hitted, and so many regrets i have..

i’m afraid again, this i confess.

i’m afraid. and that is fool.

i know i should not be.

i didn’t accomplish today well..

i’ve hoped i did..

i wish this day lasts a little longer.. i hope and i wish for something.. i don;t know what it is..



Wuoooooh.. such a painful stressing fday… i feel so ashamed for some sdecisions I made today.

I am and I am and I am..crying without tears…





—-dedicated to..hmmmph.. i don’t even know what.. or who..or wheeew..maybe to Dufan,  Mba Gamme, Ica, Indri, Mas Otha, Bang Ucog, Mas Husein, Mba Maya, Imam, Kizzy, Bang Jani, Mas Yono, Edhoy, Mas Sobari, Mas Anton, Mas Wahyudin, Mas Sandi, Pak Kumis, Ssssttt…Usil Banget Deh!, and maybe Edho, Tami, Anton, Acriy, Boy, Alblen, Bedu, and myself.



  1. ya, hari2 spt ini pasti ada lah. jgn trallu dimskin ati, namanya jg proses. proses yg membuatmu kuat. yg tdk membunuhmu akan membuatmu kuat. jd go with the flow with your own style aja. kamu ngga akan ketinggalan, dan pastinya akan tetap eksis.

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